August 08, 2002
The making of a pop star

Ted Barlow and Charles Dodgson point to this story about how record label J Records is attempting to manufacture a new pop music sensation, a 23-year-old named Amanda Latona. Having read the article and Ted and Charles' commentaries, I have to ask: Did anyone else think about the Brady Bunch episode in which Greg is discovered by a talent agent who wants to make him into a pop star? Of course, they totally mangle his music to fit their needs, so much so that Greg can't recognize his own singing. He's greatly upset by this, and it becomes worse when he realizes that his artistic vision is completely irrelevant to them. When Greg figures out that he's just a disposable commodity to the label and producer, he asks why they chose him. "Because you fit the suit", they said, referring to the outfit that he's to wear for the album cover photo. His dream of stardom crushed by reality, Greg rips up his contract and goes home.

"The Brady Bunch". It's not just a fluffy piece of kitsch, it's a better predictor of future trends than a carload of Toefflers. Except for the artistic integrity part, of course.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on August 08, 2002 to Music