August 12, 2002
Reparations fallout

Two Houston City Council members who voted against Mayor Brown's reparations resolution are feeling the heat, according to John Williams in today's Chron. One of them is my Council member, Gabriel Vasquez, whom I lauded for doing so.

Last week, Tiffany and I attended a briefing on some scheduled construction on the main road through our neighborhood. It's going to be really disruptive and will take about 18 months. Our neighborhood association has had a couple of these meetings, in which city and state transportation officials presented an overview of the project and answered many questions. Gabriel Vasquez was at both meetings. This last one started at 6 PM and ran until at least 7:30. Vasquez looked like he came straight from the office, with a couple of staff members in tow. He ran the meeting and promised another one when the contractor had been hired. He was accessible and forthright.

That's what I want out of a Council member. I have no respect for anyone who thinks a meaningless vote about a non-binding piece of feel-good politics is more important than that.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on August 12, 2002 to Local politics

I'm not still sure what to make with Vasquez. I am inclined to respect him for a number of tough decisions that he made in the campaign and for the city council, but I've heard some pretty nasty things about him at UH, where he used to be a communications professor, and not just "he was a mean prof" kinda stuff.


Posted by: R. Alex on August 16, 2002 6:59 PM