July 16, 2002
One way to get the economy going

Tony Sanchez has outspent Governor Goodhair by a 5-1 margin so far in the gubernatorial race. Sanchez has shelled out over $31 million, compared to $6 million for Perry, of whch nearly $28 million is his own money.

Both candidates are also getting some big-money donations. This one caught my eye:

The second-most generous donor [to Governor Perry] was Sam Wyly at $90,000. Wyly founded a Dallas investment fund that manages funds for the University of Texas. He also is a major owner of Green Mountain Energy Co., which competes in the deregulated electricity market.

Sam Wyly and his brother Charles were behind that notorious "Republicans for Clean Air" ad that ran in New York before the 2000 Presidential primary. John McCain, who was attacked as a polluter by the ad, filed a federal complaint later on.

Green Mountain Energy positions itself as a provider of electricity from renewable and nonpolluting sources such as wind. Some people challenge its credentials as a truly "green" provider, some others go farther than that. I wonder what the slacker types who have a Green Mountain signup booth at our local hippie-friendly eatery think about this.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on July 16, 2002 to Election 2002