July 14, 2002
This is the life

An entrepreneur has made a splash on Lake Travis by opening a floating barbecue restaurant that delivers:

Pink-bikini-clad Nicole Taylor is on a delivery mission for Tug's Bar B Que. Before she makes it back to the mothership, she'll drop off five sacks of brisket sandwiches, jot down orders from a dozen customers floating in life jackets and politely deflect the catcalls of several admirers.

The bright yellow restaurant, a 1969 Stardust Cruiser houseboat equipped with a large warming oven and remodeled to look like a tugboat, first pulled into the cove on Memorial Day weekend. A week later, it added the delivery boat to ferry barbecue and watermelon directly to boaters.

As you might imagine, the sun-baked, beer-fueled clientele tends to differ from that of, say, a quiet little French restaurant in downtown Austin.

"Yesterday we served a naked woman," said Nicole's father Norm Taylor, who runs the business. "It's a hoot."

God bless Texas.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on July 14, 2002 to The great state of Texas