July 11, 2002
And the Democratic ticket for 2004 is...

And the Democratic ticket for 2004 is... Fellow member of the Houston Heights area Axis of Left-Leaning Bloggers Rob Humenik tantalizes us all with a hand-typed excerpt from the latest issue of Men's Journal:

The partnership [between Massachusettes Senator John Kerry and John McCain] is so tight, in fact, that insiders in both camps are speculating about the pair teaming for a 2004 presidential ticket, according to a source close to the buzz -- even without McCain switching parties, as Beltway rumors have previously hinted.

As Rob says, wow. Sign me up. If nothing else, this ticket would answer Craig Biggerstaff's point about how Dems won't be able to take advantage of Team Bush's business missteps until they "find a war footing at least as hawkish as the Republicans and someone credible to offer up as an alternative."

Posted by Charles Kuffner on July 11, 2002 to The making of the President