July 10, 2002
Governor Goodhair gets on board

Governor Goodhair gets on board Say what you want about our feckless yet photogenic governor, he knows when there's a script to be followed. That would be the reason for this announcement that the State of Texas, whose unofficial motto is "Providing a Good Climate for Bidness Since 1836", will be cracking down on those evildoing CEOs and their rapacious ways.

It's almost a shame that, as our Lege only meets every other year, the Gov won't get a decent photo op out of this until after the election in November. By that time, if he's really lucky, no one will remember any of this. If he's not so lucky, it'll be Tony Sanchez's problem. We can only hope.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on July 10, 2002 to The great state of Texas