July 10, 2002
More blogrolling

More blogrolling I've added a few links to the left. Nathan Newman was kind enough to drop me a line after discovering my pearls of wisdom through Avedon Carol. I followed a link to Kevin Raybould, and the magic of referrer logs took care of the rest. So many people have recommended Brad De Long that I finally acceeded to the inevitable.

I found Jeff Cooper and Paul Orwin through Ted Barlow - good to have you back, btw - and Ann Salisbury via Fritz Schranck, both of whom certainly count as good references.

The blogroll is pretty big these days, which reflects a growing number of quality blogs out there. There was a time (you know, back in the Good Old Days of blogging) when you could read just about anyone who was worth your time to read. Anyone who tries to do that now is either unemployed or soon to become unemployed. I figure I'll visit the favorites more or less daily, and the rest at least weekly.

Anyway, check 'em all out. And remember to use BlogRolling and Weblogs ping to make life easier for you and your readers.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on July 10, 2002 to Websurfing