July 08, 2002

Well, my blogroll on the left has finally been converted to BlogRolling. All the blogs that are fit to link are there. I've officially given up on Mickey Kaus, who hits the quinella of defending Ann Coulter and getting the facts wrong on TAPped's web stats in the space of a few days. Hey, Mickey, if I want to read NRO, I'll link to them.

Meanwhile, I'll add Matt Welch and Ken Layne back when I add some new links, since as Movable Type users they ought to show up as modified whenever they get around to updating.

MT sends an automatic ping to Weblogs.com when users add something new, but Blogger users need to do this manually. I suggest you take a moment and check Larry's handy dandy blogrolling tips, with all Blogger users giving extra attention to the one-click Weblogs ping so you too can show up with the nifty "New!" tag on my blogroll. Larry tells you how to add this URL to your Favorites; as I tend to publish from more than one computer, I've found it more convenient to add the link to my template, so it's always with me. Whatever floats your blog.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on July 08, 2002 to Administrivia