July 03, 2002
Final word on Cal the Cretin

Two Andrews, Andrew Ian Dodge and Andrew Sullivan, continue with the conservative spankings of Cal Thomas. My thanks to those who took up the task, and those who helped find these examples for me.

On another front, TAPped has also been leading the charge against Anvil Annie Coulter. A number of people, such as Scoobie Davis and Bill Herbert, have been doing this for awhile - anyone who can read as much Coulter as Scoobie does is either superhuman or masochistic, I'm not sure yet.

I think Meryl really captures the reason behind why I sometimes obsess over things like this. I had tried to say something like what she said when I wondered where the conservative condemnations of Cal Thomas were, but I didn't say it nearly this well:

The fact that Coulter can proclaim this crap and not be excoriated from the rooftops of all conservative institutions bothers me a great deal. A great deal.

How you can claim this woman as one of your own astonishes me. How you can respect anything this woman writes astonishes me. How you can take seriously anything she utters angers me.

You ask liberals to decry the Cynthia McKinney loons. Fine. Now I'm asking conservatives to do the same for Ann Coulter. Stop being proud of idiots like Coulter and slam them the way you slam McKinney. I'm getting a little tired of the bozos getting a free pass because you agree with a few of the things they say. Fair practices, my conservative friends-that's all I'm asking for.

That's it in a nutshell. I'd come across a comment from Jeff Goldstein in this Matt Yglesias post that basically said "why should I bother?" and claimed that expecting some "equality of verbiage spent on putdowns" is a "lefty" argument, and until I read Meryl's piece I couldn't quite frame a response to that. Now I can. Thanks, Meryl!

Posted by Charles Kuffner on July 03, 2002 to Websurfing