July 01, 2002
Principles, schminciples

The Chron gives Dubya the business for abandoning his free-trade principles. It's a good piece, and it's always heartening to see a bastion of pro-Bushiness such as the Chron take him to task, but would it kill them to note, even in passing, that Clinton (who bucked his party on NAFTA) and Gore (who eviscerated Ross Perot in a debate on NAFTA) had solid records on free trade? I know, the cognitive dissonance would probably make their heads explode. I'll go off into a corner and be happy with what I can get.

I see that Owen agrees with this editorial, noting that "like a broken watch, the Chronicle is still right a small percentage of the time". Given our differing perspectives, it's amusing that we both see Houston's Only Information Source (motto: As If You've Got A Choice) as being the classic blind pig finding an acorn on this issue. Note to theChron's editorial board: This is not one of those times when you should take comfort in the belief that you must be doing something right because you're being attacked from all sides.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on July 01, 2002 to Other punditry