August 28, 2002
Kaldi feedback

Awhile back I wrote about how the Kaldi Cafe was encountering resistance from a nearby church in its efforts to get a private members-only liquor license. Today I discovered that Stephanie, the manager of the Kaldi, had left a comment on that entry thanking me for the kind words and reminding me that the deadline to be a charter member of the Pomplemoose Lodge and Social Club is September 1. (All you Houstonians, you know what to do.) I don't know how you found me, Stephanie, but thanks for dropping by!

UPDATE: My Pomplemoose membership is now in place. I had lunch at the Kaldi yesterday and dropped off the form to Stephanie herself. She'd found me the old fashioned way, via Google search.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on August 28, 2002 to Food, glorious food

I got a comment from Stephanie, too. Apparently she's reading her neighbors' blogs.

(Now I have to hustle over there to get a membership before the first ...)

Posted by: Ginger on August 29, 2002 9:57 AM