August 28, 2002
Baylor suspends frat for Playboy appearance

From today's Chron:

WACO - A fraternity has been suspended from Baylor University for a year after a picture of some members, fully clothed, appeared in Playboy magazine.

About 50 men and four women, all students at the time, posed on a sand volleyball court, some wearing Sigma Phi Epsilon T-shirts and others waving Baylor pennants.

A student who has since graduated posed nude for another photo and used an alias. The pictures are in the October issue featuring the Big 12 conference.

There's just something funny to me about a frat being disciplined for a photo in Playboy, y'know?

Baylor and Playboy are old adversaries. Way back in 1980 when Playboy featured the Women of the (late, lamented) Southwest Conference for the first time, you'd think that Satan himself had arrived in Waco. Baylor made such a fuss that the Rice MOB saluted them the next time they visited the Bears by attaching paper bunny ears to the horns of their instruments. A photo from that event depicting a dozen or so bunny-eared tubas ran in a subsequent Playboy, and a similar shot hangs on the wall of the band office today.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on August 28, 2002 to The great state of Texas