June 29, 2002
Houston "fitness czar" controversy

Houston "fitness czar" controversy Sigh. No matter how much people like me defend Our Fair City, it's stories like this that give the Randall Pattersons and Katherine Mieszkowskis of the world their ammunition.

Houston's new "fitness czar" is using the city's weight-loss Web site to push a diet that nutrition experts say is potentially harmful and that promotes protein powders and other nutritional supplements he sells.

Larry says it best:

If [Mayor Lee] Brown wants to promote fitness, he can loosen taxes on fitness centers, provide incentives for employers who allow their employees access to a weight room or motivate employees to take time to exercise, quit tearing up the bike paths with short-term construction projects, etc. and so forth. Standing on the sidelines and cheering with rah rah rah go Houston while letting his buddy sell something that's contrary to what the USDA recommends isn't going to work.


Posted by Charles Kuffner on June 29, 2002 to Local politics