June 26, 2002
First view of the Women of Enron

First view of the Women of Enron Via the Chron, which at least had the decency to not do any dime store moralizing as it was gleefully exploiting the story and snapping color photos.

This Enron model highlights one of the great things about Houston: You can be nekkid outside almost any time of year and not freeze your keester off.

Enron worker Shari Daugherty, 22, who grew up in nearby Richmond and graduated from Fort Bend Baptist Academy, told reporters that it was "a big fantasy" when she posed in the raw in front of Enron's downtown skyscrapers.

She said skin show was fate: "I (posed nude) because it was there for me to do."

God bless America.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on June 26, 2002 to Enronarama