June 14, 2002
Think he could room with Salman Rushdie?

I didn't imagine I could feel anything other than contempt for the so-called "artist" Eminem, but if this report is true, then he will have my sympathy:

Metro Detroit hip-hop artist Eminem (news - web sites) has reportedly received threats in response to a video he made in which he dresses up like Osama bin Laden (news - web sites).

Bin Laden's supporters allegedly threatened the artist, whose real name is Marshal Mathers, after the release of the video for the single "Without Me." The threats were reported on a music Web site and appeared Thursday in print and television reports.

Eminem hired more bodyguards and consulted with a specialist in terrorism, according to Local 4.

It should be noted that Eminem's people deny the report and the website that originally printed the story has taken it down, in which case I can get on with my life without having to sympathize with Eminem.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on June 14, 2002 to Music