June 12, 2002
One EggMcSpam to go, please

Mac points to this article about McDonald's in Hawaii testing a breakfast meal that contains Spam. I sent this link to the RoundTable mailing list, and was promptly informed that this sort of regional adaptaion is quite common for McDonald's. A friend who did a stint in the Peace Corps in the Phillippines confirms the McSpaghetti item, and adds the rather gross comment that it contains a fair bit of sugar, since Filipinos apparently like sweet foods.

I've been to Japan, and I've eaten at a Japanese McDonald's (let me tell you, as much as I love sushi, after a week of it I was really really really craving a burger), but I don't recall seeing Teriyaki McBurger or Chicken Tatsuta Burger. On the other hand, I was so blinded by my need for comfort food that I don't think I actually looked at the menu - I just pointed to the picture of the Big Mac and fries and sat down to await the greasy goodness that was headed my way. Mmm, Special Sauce...

Posted by Charles Kuffner on June 12, 2002 to Food, glorious food