June 10, 2002
Local roundup

Local roundup Kevin Whited, whom I probably should have discovered before, has several items of interest. He's attempted to fact-check Thom Marshall's sorry ass - I wouldn't hold my breath on a response if I were you, Kevin - he's got a scary picture of Elyse "Arlene Oslaf-Joseph" Lanier, and he's got a few thoughts about the possibility of Clyde Drexler getting the Nuggets' head coaching job. On that latter score, I recommend checking out this recent BP article on how managing the press is a key ingredient to a head coaching job. Clyde Drexler was and still is one of Houston's favorite sons, a UH alum and former Rocket whose family owns a well-regarded barbecue restaurant. In his time as the coach of his alma mater, he had the benefit of all the journalistic good will one could ever want, especially from UH alum and professional bootlicker Dale Robertson. Two disastrous years later, he walked out on the job and was roundly assailed for his miniscule attention span and and unwillingness to do any nonglamorous work. Even worse, dark mutterings about his political machinations and prima-donna-ness as a player surfaced. If after all that the Nuggets hire him, they'd better have some justifications handy. It could get ugly.

Oh, and my condolences on the Coogs' loss to UT in the Super Regional. UH had a great season and would have been a tough draw in the College World Series. Good luck next year.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on June 10, 2002 to Other punditry