September 11, 2002
Food fun

I am now going to resume living my normal life...

Mac points to this story, which claims that you can teach children to like yucky foods such as broccoli if you keep making them try it.

In her speech about the psychology of eating your vegetables, Jane Wardle of University College London said picky eaters are not born and, more importantly, they can be unmade in about a week.

Aversions to certain healthy foods -- broccoli, spinach and peas were her examples -- can be turned right around with only 10 tastings, according to her research. Most parents give up after two or three failed attempts, she said.

Ten times?? Good Lord, I'd have run away from home by the fourth try. Down with broccoli!

Meanwhile, my buddy Drew sent me some better food news. It seems that starchy leftovers are better cancer preventatives than oat bran.

According to Prof John Burn, cold potatoes, baked beans and porridge are more likely to reduce the risks of bowel cancer than bran flakes or muesli.

Mmm...cold potatoes.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on September 11, 2002 to Food, glorious food