May 23, 2002
Maybe he can go work for Andrew Sullivan

From the Newsmakers section of today's Chron, quoted because the link won't last past today:

Sports columnist fired

The New York Post fired sports columnist Wallace Matthews Wednesday after he took his "killed" column critical of the newspaper and another Post columnist and put it on the message board of the Web site Matthews wrote that the paper had "no integrity," and accused gossip columnist Neal Travis of "deplorable journalism" for writing without evidence that an unnamed New York Mets star was gay. Before Tuesday's game with Philadelphia, reacting to rumors, Mets star catcher Mike Piazza told a press conference he was a heterosexual. In a statement, the Post said Matthews was fired for "derogatory comments and insubordination."

If you were in Houston in 1994 when the Rockets won their first NBA championship, you might recall Wallace Matthews as the guy who wrote a column calling Houston a "hellhole". Needless to say, that sound you now hear is my heart breaking for him. Hey, maybe we can set him up on a blind date with Katherine Mieszkowski!

As for the rumors surrounding Mike Piazza's sexuality, as a woman on a mailing list I'm on said regarding the picture that accompanied this article: "Can you imagine the editor saying 'Hey--find the most stereotypically flaming pose of Piazza that you can!'"

Posted by Charles Kuffner on May 23, 2002 to Other sports