May 22, 2002
Jus' Stuff Dept.

Business is brisk at the Linda Lay upscale resale shop, according to Chron society columnist Shelby Hodge.

THERE were no fancy invitations and no "open for business" signs at 1302 W. Gray. But customers started arriving on Friday and before Linda Lay was ready. Jus' Stuff, the resale shop celebrated in the cartoon strip Doonesbury all of last week, was up and running. And merchandise flew out of the store.

It was one bit of good karma on the less-than-glowing horizon for Lay, wife of former Enron CEO Ken Lay.

By Saturday, a standing-room-only crowd had gathered in the former pet-store location making parking a challenge and a few neighbors jittery. So many items were sold over the weekend that Jus' Stuff ran out of its signature zebra-print tissue wrap and the supply of business cards was all but depleted.

I'll bet parking was a challenge. West Gray is a four-lane street where you usually can't park. Jus' Stuff is near a bunch of itty bitty side streets with duplexes that don't have real driveways. And the sidewalks aren't the best, either. It'd be interesting to see some boldface types maneuver around the potholes and tree roots in their Manolo Blahniks.

I should note that Tiffany dropped by Jus' Stuff on Friday to satisfy her curiosity about the place. It wasn't crowded then, and Linda Lay's mother was there helping out. I'm trying to talk Tiffany into writing up her impressions of the place, so check back for more.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on May 22, 2002 to Enronarama