May 11, 2002
A small victory over evil

From today's Chron:

Harris County Civil Court at Law Judge Gary Michael Block ordered the owner of a telemarketing company to leave his name and home telephone number on his company's recorded messages so that frustrated recipients can return the favor and call him at home with their complaints.

Block ordered Lone Star Utility Savers Inc., which does business as Home Improvements of Texas and Kingdom Builders, to stop making recorded telephone solicitations without the specific consent of the recipient.

Joe Shields sued the company and its owner, Donald Stafford Borden, along with several other telemarketers, claiming that they violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

Block ordered the company to pay Shields $5,000. Shields' attorney, Kenneth Kaye of League City, said Shields has already won nearly $100,000 in judgments and settlements with other telemarketers.

Way to go, Joe!

Posted by Charles Kuffner on May 11, 2002 to Legal matters