May 09, 2002
I'm in a New York state of mind

The Donk gives an amusing report about the state of free speech at Safeco Field, where the ban on wearing "Yankees Suck" T-shirts by rabid Mariners fans has been lifted. This reminds me of New York Rangers fans, who would (and for all I know, still do) at random points during games chant "Potvin Sucks" in honor of hated NY Islanders' defenseman Denis Potvin. Didn't matter who the opponent was, all of a sudden you'd hear "Potvin Sucks!" ring out from the cheap seats. The fans felt strongly about this and so by God they were going to let you know about it. I always liked that about them.

I'm a lifelong Yankees' fan, so I can't exactly endorse the sentiment, but I am glad to see that this sort of New York initiative has reached the formerly-mellow West Coast. I feel that my parents, who moved from New York to Portland in 1999, are somehow partly responsible for this, even though they're crazier about the Yankees than I am. Good work, Mom and Dad! Too bad the same sentiment hasn't spread to bagel making out West yet. Give it time.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on May 09, 2002 to Baseball