May 08, 2002
Decline of Western Civilization Dept.

That bastion of quality family programming known as Fox is putting a twist on The Bachelor with its latest reality show I Want A Husband: Alaska in which five single women from the Lower 48 head up north in search of a stud. It starts May 23, so get your TiVo ready.

Meanwhile, Fox's The Girl Next Door: The Search for a Playboy Centerfold has drawn the ire of Concerned Women for America.

It's men victimizing women for the sake of money and ratings," said Jan LaRue, chief counsel of Concerned Women for America. CWA is one of seven groups, including the Christian Coalition and Focus on the Family, that protested the show in a letter to Rupert Murdoch, chairman of Fox's parent News Corp.


LaRue said she was concerned the special would encourage men to treat women as sex objects and send a dangerous message to girls.

"It communicates to 12- and 13-year-old girls that this is what you have to do to be attractive to men," she said.

In case you're curious, CWA thinks women shouldn't work outside the home, that condoms are "virtually useless" in protecting against sexually transmitted diseases, and that homosexuality is evil. Which is to say that they know a thing or two about sending dangerous messages to girls.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on May 08, 2002 to TV and movies