May 07, 2002
COLI wrapup

More Than Zero responds to my previous post about COLIs. We were arguing about different things, which he makes clear. There's some good stuff in the comments as well, so check it out.

One thing I mentioned in the comments that I'd like to reiterate here is that I did a poor job of saying what I intended to say in that last post. When I said

Further, most employees make zero direct difference to a company's bottom line.

what I intended to mean was that the sudden loss of most employees wouldn't affect a company's bottom line. The meaning was clear to me, since I was talking about companies collecting large life insurance payouts, but unless you had direct access to my synaptic processes you might well have missed that particular nuance. Obviously, as MTZ rightly points out, all employees have some kind of effect on a company's bottom line, usually a positive one for companies that manage to stay in business. I apologize for the confusion. I sentence myself to a week of reading George Will without snorting or guffawing.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on May 07, 2002 to Bidness