May 06, 2002
Grist for the mill

Today's op-ed pages in the Chron includes this piece by a former death row inmate who was recently freed by DNA evidence. Regardless of where you stand on the death penalty - I'm more for it than against it - it's worth reading.

BTW, I predict that at least one crayon-wielding yahoo will send a letter to the Chron accusing them of having some kind of liberal-soft-on-crime bias for printing this. If said yahoo is a member of a so-called "victims' rights" group like Justice for All, I will be very non-surprised.

On an odd side note, the GIF they use for their runoff endorsements link is (modulo the text) the same image I've seen in various get-rich-quick spams. Very weird.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on May 06, 2002 to Crime and Punishment