May 02, 2002
There oughta be a word

There oughta be a word Jim Treacher's Bloglossary defines "Instalanche" as "a sudden influx of thousands of hits that threatens to crush your server, brought on by a link from Glenn Reynolds at". Well, what about second hand traffic from the Prof? Reynolds linked to Alex Rubalcava when he first wrote about Alex Michel and the email which we now know to be a hoax. Rubalcava in turn linked to me when I stated my objections. I've gotten about a hundred hits from that today. Not much of an Instalanche, but it's contributed to my biggest day since Matt Welch cited one of my posts.

So my question is: What should be the word for Instalanche sloppy seconds? Any suggestions?

And just in case I'm worried that the traffic wave is over, I'm now in the top 10 of at least three different Google searches for variations on "Alex Michel". The hits just keep on coming.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on May 02, 2002 to Blog stuff