May 02, 2002
Picky, picky

Picky, picky Gary Farber is amused by a Concerned Citizen who writes to tell him that isn't the real Whitehouse. Gary, perhaps you should have gently replied to this reader that of course you know that is the real thing.

(Obligatory joke-ruining warning: is a pr0n site. Don't go there if you're at work or near kiddies.)

And as long as we're critiquing satire, I feel compelled to point out this error from the latest bit you've cited:

Laura and I were honored that the Prince came to our humble Texas home. Over the years, the Saudi royal family has played gracious host to the Bush family on dozens and dozens of occasions while we negotiated private and fabulously lucrative oil deals, so it really was a pleasure to finally return the hospitality. Of course, I was sad to be unable to entertain the Prince with the wonderful after-dinner beheadings I know he and King Fahd enjoy so much, but I did assure him that on his next visit, we would go down to the prison and electrocute a mongoloid or two. He seemed to like that.

Silly rabbit. We use lethal injection here in Texas. Not only is it more effective, it's environmentally friendly!

Posted by Charles Kuffner on May 02, 2002 to General snarkiness