May 01, 2002
The Bachelor Strikes Back

Alex Rubalcava responds to my objections regarding the provocative email purportedly from Alex Michel of the ABC reality show The Bachelor. He also forwarded me the email he himself had received.

I still can't say for sure that the mail wasn't faked. I'd have to see the original mail from either Sahrbeck or Locker, and even then they could have set up a fake address to send the mail to. Still, the mail Rubalcava forwarded me differed from most multiply-forwarded email hoaxes in that it was a complete chain back to the originator. Often, the contents have been cut and pasted into some other message, then forwarded around. Rubalcava says Sahrbeck and Locker's contact info checks out, which is another point generally in its favor. Usually, the original hoaxer is unknown and untraceable. Of course, some people do it for the publicity. We'll get a better feel for that when and if this hits the Old Media's radar screen.

So, while I still have my reservations, I admit that there is a decent case to be made for authenticity. If I can find a little spare time, I may get out my houndstooth cap and do a little digging myself. Stay tuned.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on May 01, 2002 to