April 29, 2002
All politics is local

Joshua Trevino shares an interesting email from a former coworker who is now on the Ron Kirk campaign. It's the 29 APRIL 2002 5 entry, but I'll quote him here since he doesn't have permalinks:

Who knows how accurate this is, but it's worth sharing a bit from an e-mail of a friend who's working on Ron Kirk's Democratic Senate campaign in Texas:

The Senate campaign that I am working on is going really well. We handily won our Primary Election on April 9th and now we are in the marathon heading to November. The cool thing is that this race has attracted national attention, so it should be a very exciting campaign season for us. We are doing so well, in fact, that the Republicans have actually come up with an excuse to send Bush's counselor Karen Hughes back to Texas to deal with us. Honestly, I am a little scared of her...

Just figured I'd feed the rumor mill.

Now there's a conspiracy theory about Karen Hughes' resignation that makes some sense.

If Kirk is getting national attention, it's in part because he's actually sought it out. His companions on the "Democrat Dream Team" ticket are doing their best to avoid the national party as Clay Robison wrote in the Chron on Sunday. I can't say I'm surprised, and I can't say it's bad strategy for John Sharp and Tony Sanchez, but it's disheartening for me nonetheless.

Kirk has little to lose by aiming for a larger spotlight. His opponent, John Cornyn, is playing the Dubya card for all its worth. Bush will undoubtedly lend a hand to Governor Goodhair and David Dewhurst, but it's the Senate election that will matter to him and his agenda in the fall.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on April 29, 2002 to Election 2002