April 24, 2002
Overheard on the radio, part II

One of those MasterCard commercials where they list the price of a bunch of things, followed by something that's "priceless". This one had the theme of a party weekend in New Orleans. One item was "Crawdaddy dinner for two, $63". First of all, the correct term is crawfish, also known as mudbugs. Second, anyone who spends $63 on a crawfish dinner for two is eating at a very expensive restaurant. Your basic crawfish boil, with new potatoes and corn is $4 a pound, and five pounds is more than enough for two hungry people. A fairly high-end crawfish etouffee is $12 to $15. New Orleans is a tourist town, so its prices are higher than Houston, but c'mon. No one I know would spend $63 on a crawfish dinner.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on April 24, 2002 to Food, glorious food