April 22, 2002
McCain for President?

Kyle Still has his say about John McCain's theoretical candidacy in 2004. He also points to Mark Byron's interesting number crunching on this subject. Byron concludes that McCain would be better off running in 2008 when he likely won't have to take on a popular incumbent. I say that if McCain wants to run for President, it's got to be in 2004. The reason why is here in his biography:

The son and grandson of prominent Navy admirals, John McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone in 1936.

John McCain will be 72 in 2008. That's three years older than Ronald Reagan was in 1980. If he wants to be President, I don't think he'll want to wait that long. I agree with Mickey Kaus in that 2004 is likely McCain's last chance to run.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on April 22, 2002 to National news

McCain won't run against Bush in 2004... how would he ever win??? He definitely wouldn't get the republican nomination and an independent would never win the white house. So, his time is up. Unless he becomes a democrat....

Posted by: Kallin Schooler on January 22, 2003 9:42 PM

If ever there was a need for a third option, nows the time. Ideally a McCain, Powell ticket would work well, but obviously that's not possible. McCain, Clark? All I know is that I'm not going to vote this year because I'm so disappointed with the candidates available. I would definitely vote for McCain if he could be convinced to run.

Posted by: Jonathan Pelley on May 2, 2004 12:46 PM

I couldn't agree more and I also wouldn't worry about it, maybe he will... that's why they call him the maverick I guess. A McCain/Clark ticket would be a-freaking-mazing imho. Time will tell.


Posted by: gringo on June 7, 2004 9:44 PM