April 18, 2002
Stupid Texas tricks, part I

Tom DeLay thinks that Baylor and Texas A&M are too liberal, and that parents who want to protect their young'uns from the pernicious effects of premarital sex and evolution should look elsewhere.

At Friday's gathering, DeLay said his daughter attended A&M and was appalled to discover that students have sex in dormitories.

"Texas A&M used to be a conservative university," he said. "It's lost all of its conservatism, and it's renounced its traditions. It's really sad. My daughter went there, you know, she had horrible experiences with coed dorms and guys who spent the weekends in the rooms with girls, and all this kind of stuff went on there. It's just unbelievable."

Well, y'know, some old-time Aggies think the school started on its road to perdition when they were forced to accept girls in the first place. After all, students couldn't have sex in the dorms if there werre no girls to have sex with, right? They'd have to do it like Clayton Williams did and go down to Mexico to get "serviced" by hookers.

I'm pretty sure than the current and former students at A&M (there are no Aggie alumni; you're an Aggie for life, so when you graduate you become a former student) will be surprised to hear that A&M has renounced its traditions. But I suppose if Tom DeLay says so it must be true.

And if you do visit that den of iniquity in College Station, do drop by the George Bush Presidential Library and tell them what DeLay says. I'm sure once they understand what an unsuitable location they're in they'll decide to move.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on April 18, 2002 to The great state of Texas