April 11, 2002
Buy me some traditional vegetarian ballpark food...

PETA has released its top ten list of vegetarian friendly ballparks, and our own Ballpark Formerly Known As Enron Field made the Top Ten. PETA especially lauds our hometown boys for offering veggie dogs, a culinary treat that I must say I've not sampled, nor am I likely to. Apparently I'm not alone here. As Chron columnist and fast-food junkie Ken Hoffman notes, the veggie dogs aren't exactly selling like hotcakes, vegetarian or otherwise.

On average, Astros Field sells about 10,000 all-beef hot dogs per game.

Veggie dogs?

"So far, we've had six regular-season games and two exhibition games," says Marty Price, top dog for Astros concessions. "On average, and I'm estimating high here, we sell about ...

"Five veggie dogs per game."

Posted by Charles Kuffner on April 11, 2002 to Baseball