April 10, 2002
A real high school civics lesson

The ongoing saga of who really won the Texas Academic Decathlon ended yesterday when the state Supreme Court told the lower courts to butt out, thus denying Pasadena Dobie a chance to challenge victorious Lubbock. Apparently, at the state match in March, one of the Dobie students' tests was misplaced and he was given a zero score. His test was later found, and the Dobie faction claimed that had it been graded at the time, it would have been enough to put them over the top. Lubbock countered by saying that some of their tests had not been graded accurately, and if they had been Lubbock would be the champ regardless. Both school districts sued in their home counties, with each getting the result they wanted upheld. After several rounds in court, with Dobie pushing for a complete retest and Lubbock demanding that the original certified result stand, the Supremes stepped in and called a halt, giving the victory to Lubbock by a TKO.

Is it just me, or does anyone else see Bush v. Gore parallels in this? Look at it this way, Dobie - now you know how the world really works. Better luck next time.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on April 10, 2002 to Legal matters