April 09, 2002
Speaking too soon about speaking too soon

The still permalinkless Mickey Kaus takes a poke at Rick Berke for this article in which Berke says that Enron will be a big political issue for the Democrats. Snarks Kaus:

Does anyone, from the distant historical vantage point of two months later, think Enron will be a huge issue for the Democrats?

Emphasis Kaus'. Well, you may be right, Mickey, but I'll remind you of this story from today's news. At the least, it'll bring Enron back into the public consciousness for a few days, and who knows? Maybe David Duncan has a few juicy tidbits to tell in return for a soft sentence. As the Chron says

As part of his plea agreement [Duncan] will meet with investigators at their bidding to testify, review documents, provide documents and share any other information he has related to "knowledge of all criminal activities."

Like I say, you may well be right, but I'll wait and see how this ends before I agree.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on April 09, 2002 to Enronarama