April 06, 2002
Give blood

Blood banks are going to have a tougher time getting donors as new rules prohibit donations from people who have spent enough time in Europe and particularly the UK and thus are at risk of Creutzfeld-Jakob disease. In Houston, where so many oilpatch employees have done a rotation overseas, the local blood banks are really worried.

Tiffany did her doctorate at the University of Manchester, so she's been out of the game since this rule was announced. I'm midway through a two-year hiatus from donating, the result of having visited Korea last year, in particular because I went north of Seoul on a tour of one of the infiltration tunnels. This was particularly galling last September when I really wanted to give blood. So give if you can, since too many of us who want to can't.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on April 06, 2002 to National news