October 05, 2002
Einhorn update

They've got a different reporter covering the story today, so it's not quite as snarky as earlier efforts. There's still no mistaking who the bad guy is, though:

Grisly autopsy photos of Holly Maddux made the courtroom audience gasp yesterday, but accused killer Ira Einhorn intently stared at the giant image of his former girlfriend's smashed skull projected on a screen at his trial.

Einhorn, 62, put on his wire-rimmed glasses to look more closely at the colored images of Maddux's corpse. He raised his arm to point out details to his defense team. And at one point, he turned to his attorney and smiled.

"That was a really inappropriate reaction," Maddux's sister Meg Wakeman later angrily told reporters.

Another sister, Elisabeth "Buffy" Hall, said: "It's beyond description, what it feels like... . It makes your stomach hurt. It makes you sick."

You know, I'm looking forward to Einhorn's conviction and life sentence as much as the next guy, but I don't think I had such an appreciation for the concept of a tainted jury pool until I started reading these articles. I sure hope this isn't an issue on appeal.

Talk Left has some more information as well.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on October 05, 2002 to Crime and Punishment