October 08, 2002
Does not play well with others

Former Attorney General and failed Democratic candidate for governor Dan Morales is set to endorse Governor Goodhair over Tony Sanchez.

For months Morales has made it clear he disagrees with Sanchez on certain issues and tactics. And he has taken aim at leaders of the Texas Democratic Party, saying they appear to be concentrating too heavily on generating Hispanic votes while overlooking white voters.

Morales in June was appointed as an advisor to Perry's Anti-Crime Commission, fueling speculation he would endorse Perry. Morales said he and Perry have worked together in the Texas Legislature in the 1980s on anti-drug laws.

"I think we see eye to eye on probably all these criminal justice efforts," Morales said at the time.

Perry then described Morales as a friend who was "a strong prosecutor and was a strong hand in the Legislature."

Compare and contrast to this:

The little red truck that Janet Reno rode across Florida in her quest to challenge Gov. Jeb Bush now sports a Bill McBride for Governor bumper sticker.

And it was Reno in her truck Sunday who provided the entree for the Democratic nominee as he dashed across Miami-Dade County, attending services at six black churches in an effort to woo voters who sided with Reno, but whom he needs to turn out in force -- on his side -- if he is to have any chance at defeating Gov. Jeb Bush on Nov. 5.

''I stood before you this summer asking for your help. Now I come back to ask you to back a man who can be a great governor of Florida,'' Reno, who narrowly lost to McBride in a primary marred with voting glitches, told congregants at Antioch Missionary Baptist Church in Carol City.

At every church, Reno was greeted with cheers and applause. And at several churches, she was the one to introduce McBride, who spent most of the primary campaign in North and Central Florida, strategizing that the Democratic Party's South Florida stronghold would in the end support the nominee.

But many said they're doing so primarily because of Reno's word.

''We know you're not going to let anyone let us down,'' Ossie Conley, a North Miami Beach retiree said to Reno after services at New Birth Baptist Church. "Because Janet's saying it's all right, we'll go with Mr. McBride.''

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Dan Morales is of course free to endorse whoever he likes. I'm free to consider him a crybaby and a sore loser. It's a shame because I really liked Morales once - hell, I voted for him in the primary because I had serious doubts about Sanchez at first. I still do have doubts about Sanchez, but they pale in comparison to my doubts about Governor Goodhair. I'm sorry that Morales doesn't see it that way.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on October 08, 2002 to Election 2002

The most amusing feature about the rase at present for me is the incredible sums Sanchez is spending to beat Perry, something like 3:1 spending, a large portion of which is from his family's fortune. I'm glad to see that in Texas, the big money flows towards more than one party.

Posted by: B. K. Oxley (binkley) on October 9, 2002 11:20 AM