October 13, 2002
Ginger's back

Ginger is back from hiatus and she's moved to a new directory. Update your blogrolls and give her a warm welcome back.

May as well mention the recent updates and additions while I'm here. Surely by now you know that Karin Kross has moved her blog to a new site. Meanwhile, two other friends of mine have started blogging. HWRNMNBSOL (and yes, I know what that stands for) has a gaming blog. Binkley is a friend of many years who lists me as a blogparent. It's good to have both of them on board.

We also have Kevin Drum, whom I met last week and who I should've blogrolled awhile ago, (Note to Kevin: I'm not a camera buff, but I found the discussion fascinating anyway.), and finally Max Sawicky, whom I suspect everyone here is already reading. I really need to make a donation to Blogrolling.com so I can get multiple blogrolls and organize things a bit better. It's also on my list.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on October 13, 2002 to Websurfing