October 14, 2002
Congrats to the Angels

Congrats to the Anaheim Angels on their first-ever trip to the World Series. I could really feel the excitement the locals had about this while we were there. The games were on TV everywhere you went. Displays on buses alternated between route numbers and "GO ANGELS!" And of course, much red was worn.

How about Adam Kennedy hitting three home runs? Amazing. I was actually at Yankee Stadium in 1978 when George Brett hit three out of the park, the last time someone did that in a postseason game. Unfortunately for him, the Royals lost, thanks to a titanic home run by Thurman Munson. For whatever reason, I've seen several of Brett's highlight moments in New York. I was there for Game 3 of the 1980 playoffs, in which Brett hit a towering upper-deck homer off of Rich Gossage to help KC clinch its first pennant. And yes, I was there for the infamous Pine Tar game in 1983. Weird.

Looks like California may get an all-state World Series this year. I wonder if the TV ratings will beat the 2000 Subway Series if that happens.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on October 14, 2002 to Baseball