October 16, 2002
The link love that dare not speak its name

I use this link to read TAPped on the American Prospect's web page. They have a "work in progress" blogroll down at the bottom which contains all of four links.

Today I stumbled across this alternate link to TAPped in my referral log. I'm not sure if this Movable Type-powered version of TAPped was an abortive one day experiment or a migration in process that may explain their recent four day absence, but I was nonetheless chuffed to see that the sidebar links included me. That's some pretty nice company to be in, and I sure got plenty of traffic from the last time they cited me, so naturally I hope this is the TAPped of the future. Anyone from the Prospect care to comment on this?

Posted by Charles Kuffner on October 16, 2002 to Websurfing

Hey, they link to me, too! (Of course it's the first thing I checked. In other news breaks, water is wet.)

They do need to proofread their blogroll. Points for spelling "Nielsen Hayden" right; points off for "Glenn Reynold's" and "Tom Tommorrow".

But in generaly it looks a lot better than their previous cluttery design. TAPPED is very good; let's hope it continues.

Posted by: Patrick Nielsen Hayden on October 16, 2002 9:15 PM

Charles - congrats on the link.

The main page has a note from the editor saying basically that the change is part of a complete overhaul for the site, the link to Tapped on the front page points to the new site, and the old page links to the new page at its top, so I am guessing this is the new Tapped.

I am glad they are back - I was a bit worried when they went two days without posting. I agree with Patrick - they are very good and I am glad to see them continue.

Posted by: kevin on October 17, 2002 11:14 AM