October 23, 2002
Sheep and donkeys, living together

Scott brings my attention to this excellent story about sheep and donkeys:

Thanks in part to a benevolent farmer from Maryland, Old City Park now has a full complement of sheep.

And for their protection, a "guard donkey" 8-year-old Mary Kate has been moved to the area where the sheep are kept at night.


The two sheep are examples of a breed known to have thrived in North Texas in the late 19th century an important point in an exhibit that strives to meticulously re-create a farmhouse of that era.

Victoria Owens, a park employee, said the sheep are doing well despite the mishap, and both were hits with school groups that visited the farmhouse over the weekend.

"Floppsy did little tricks, like sitting up and begging not that that's historically accurate," Ms. Owens said.

I love Texas.

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I was wondering why you see sheep and usually has a donkey with them?
Do the donkeys guard the sheep? They are always standing together.

Posted by: bev on June 23, 2004 10:07 AM