October 23, 2002

I'm really sorry to see that Ginger Stampley has apparently retired from blogging. I'm sorry to see it because Ginger is a fine writer with a strong voice and is knowledgeable on many topics. Her writing will be greatly missed.

On a personal level, Ginger is a good friend of mine and the person most responsible for getting me started as a blogger. I'd been reading the blogs that Slate linked to in their old "Mezine Central" feature - it was basically Kaus, Postrel, Josh Marshall, Andrew Sullivan, and a new guy named Reynolds - and one day Postrel had a link to something Ginger had blogged on. I followed the link and was surprised to see that she'd been doing this for awhile. I read through her archives, followed a few of her links, and decided that this looked like fun. I talked to her and Michael about it the next time I saw them and a few days later I was publishing.

I'm sad that my blog has outlived hers. The Heights Area Axis of Left-Leaning Bloggers salutes you, Ginger. Take care and be well.

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