March 22, 2002
To comment or not to comment

I've been toying with the idea of adding code to support comments on this page. I like getting feedback, and I strongly suspect that more people are inclined to give comments rather than send email. But then I come across comments like the ones on this post, and I'm reminded why I'm reluctant. Who needs that crap?

If you think I'm being overly sensitive and that on balance I'd find comments to be worthwhile, drop me a line. If you know of a comment system that would allow an all-powerful admin (i.e., me) to wipe out obnoxious comments and ban the IP addresses of known buttheads, so much the better. (I'd probably need my own domain for that capability, but it can't hurt to ask.) Freedom of expression does not give you the right to be a jerk on someone else's blog.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on March 22, 2002 to Blog stuff