March 18, 2002
Blaming Rusty

Andrea Yates' relatives place some blame on Rusty Yates for what happened. Rusty is firing back:

Asked about criticism of his role, Russell Yates told NBC's Today show today that some people "don't understand the biochemical nature of Andrea's illness ... so they'll say there must have been something else going on in that household, or there must have been this or that and it's all false."

Umm, how about the fact that after the fourth child was born, the Yateses were warned that having another child could trigger another psychotic episode in Andrea, like the one she'd just had that caused her to try to kill herself with a kitchen knife? This didn't stop them from taking Andrea off Haldol so she could get pregnant again. Whose decision was that, Rusty? In whose best interest was it? You're right when you say that Andrea's condition was a biochemical one. The problem is that from where we all sit, you didn't do everything in your power to help her overcome it. You better believe people are going to criticize you for that, and you deserve every single word of it.

(Thanks to Ginger for the link to the timeline of the Yates case.)

Posted by Charles Kuffner on March 18, 2002 to Crime and Punishment