November 05, 2002

I spent another two hours at Tony Sanchez's Houston headquarters last night calling voters. As before, the people I spoke to were planning on voting or had already voted. No one expressed no interest in the election.

No one seemed daunted by recent polls showing Governor Goodhair in the lead. In fact, a couple of the people there spoke of a Zogby poll (presumably based on early voting) that showed Sanchez with a six-point lead in Harris County. A quick Google search didn't turn up any links to such a beast, and even if I could find one it's a small slice of a small slice of the vote. Still, as I said to one of them last night, better six up than six down.

Last night I was wondering about coattails in this race. Republican US Rep. Henry Bonilla over in the 23rd Congressional District is worried about the potential effect that Sanchez may have on his race. I've been wondering if some competitive local races such as Sylvia Garcia's effort to become the first woman elected and the first Hispanic to serve as County Commissioner and Debra Danburg's battle against Martha Wong in the redrawn 134th State House District will provide coattails for Sanchez. I feel confident that success for Sanchez will correlate with Democratic success at the top of the ticket as well as in races like these. I just can't decide how much will be cause and how much will be effect with the regional races.

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