November 05, 2002
Good weather, long lines

As cold and wet and nasty as yesterday was, you couldn't ask for a nicer day today - bright and sunny, clear blue skies, high around 70, no wind. If people can't be bothered to vote, it won't be because of inclement weather.

Early indicators are long lines and some confusion with the eSlate machines, but no major problems as yet. Turnout is still forecast as being in the 5 million range, which is about 40%.

I stopped by my neighborhood polling place while walking my dog and chatted with a couple of leafletters. As of 4:30 PM they were reporting that things were kinda slow, but most people weren't home from work yet.

A little less than two hours till polls close.

Here's a list of vote suppression tactics going on around the country, including this one in Hidalgo County. The Secretary of State has a toll-free number (1-800-252-8683) for those who wish to complain.

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