November 05, 2002
A really important election

From Ananova:

Voters in a US town are being asked to decide whether nude bathing should be banned.

The local council in Wilmington, Vermont, voted to bar naked bathers after some locals complained about lewd behaviour at a popular skinny-dipping spot.

Voters narrowly upheld the ruling at a special town meeting in August.

But supporters of nude bathing drew up a petition in a bid to reverse the decision.

This means voters are being balloted again on whether the ban should stand.

The fans of the all-over tan say the nudists are polite and bring needed tourists dollars to town.

But opponents say the nude beach is littered with used condoms.

Jeez, it's in Vermont for Pete's sake. How long is the skinny-dipping season up there, two weeks?

Thanks to Mikey for the link.

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