November 12, 2002
"Ultimate devotion"

The Chron has a wire story today about an interview with David Graham, who at the behest of his fiancee Diane Zamora brutally murdered Adrianne Jones, with whom he had had a brief fling. Graham and Zamora, who went on to be cadets at the Air Force Academy and Naval Academy respectively after the killing, were caught as a result of their own inability to keep quiet about it.

Anyway, Graham says in the interview that he did it to prove his "ultimate devotion" to Zamora. Not quite sure this is news, as the Cadet Killers case was nationally known and all of this came out during the trials, but there it is. Texas Monthly did what is probably the best and most comprehensive story on this sad case, but unfortunately it's not freely available online. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram has coverage of Zamora's trial here and Graham's trial here, and the Crime Library has an overview here.

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they just got married in prison

Posted by: susan on June 17, 2003 12:15 PM

David Graham and Diane Zamora did not get married. Diane Zamora got married to Steven Mora, while they were both in prison.

Posted by: gingersnap smith on October 16, 2004 2:45 PM