November 18, 2002
Dept. of Anecdotal Evidence

Kevin offers his opinion of Heather Hurlburt's article about the Democrats' lack of strength on foreign policy as well as his personal experience:

When I was working on a masters degree in defense and strategic studies, I can't recall any students who were open Democrats in the program. There was one Spanish foreign exchange student who was a bit of a liberal, and plenty of professed conservatives or Republicans. But not one Dem that I can recall. It's kind of odd, too, since the head of the program had been influenced heavily by Senator Scoop Jackson, who was a true Dem expert on national security (and also influenced people like Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz, who didn't find later Dems all that hospitable to their thinking either). That's anecdotal evidence, of course, but then again, my blog is anecdotal as well. So there ya go.

Out of curiosity, I asked Tiffany about the political split in her classes when she was an undergrad at Georgetown in the School of Foreign Service. According to her, the split was roughly 50-50. She was in the class of 1992, so you figure some of these people must be coming of age in DC, though of course whether or not their bosses are is another matter entirely. Anyway, Kevin's post inspired me to ask, so there you have it.

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